Welcome to Vinterparken (the Winter Park)

Vinterparken (the Winter Park) is the meeting place for everyone who appreciates Winter in all it’s shapes. Here are the city-dwellers, who have strolled down from the city center for a cup of coffee, to rent a pair of touring skates or just to have a look at all the people. 

Along the stone walls you’ll find the sun worshippers enjoying the spring sunshine. Out on the ice are the childrens playground – the biggest ice skating park in Sweden with many exciting stations. Further out on the ice there is a large system of different tracks and trails where people can go skiing, ice-skating or walking. It stretches for miles out on the ice of Storsjön.

Vinterparken is for those who want a bit of a challenge, but also for those who are just looking to get away for a while and to be embraced by the silence. These differences are what’s great about Vinterparken.

The project Vinterparken started in Östersund during the Winter of 1996/1997. This project stimulates social relations as well as physical activities. Most of it is also for free, a necessity for everyone to join. The season is between February and April, and during the weekends and holidays the park is full of life and activities such as, snowmobile safaris, workshops in icesculpture, winterbathing etc.

the winter park östersund

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